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I was a Dealer of Luminox for a few years. Two of my watches and about 30 % of the ones I sold had to be sent to their Repair Company (Saltzmans). I stopped stocking their watches after I saw the quality of them first hand. Its no wonder the Navy Seals and the US Military stopped purchasing them. Just recently I had about 4 of them still in inventory left over from when I used to stock them. 2 of them stopped working for no reason, I thought... Read more

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Luminox watches are a joke. My wife bought me one as a gift for our 10 year anniversary; the watch kept terrible time and eventually started fogging up under the crystal. Sent it in, got repaired and about a year later the stem seized up and won't turn. Sent it back in and found out it has a corrosion issues and would be about $200 to fix!! Yeah, not gonna happen. My Casio G-Shock Rangeman will out perform the whole Luminox line any day of the... Read more

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Purchased this watch from an authorized Luminox dealer in NYC in Nov 2013. I wear the watch 3-4 times a month, do not abuse it and noticed that the second hand was twitching and not advancing. I sent it into their authorized repair, Saltzman and was told that is is out of warranty and that the crystal was scratched, the strap was worn, it needed a major overhaul(repair or replacement of the internal mechanism, replace the stem and crown and a... Read more

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I have a luminox 3000 original Navy Seals watch and it should be an embarrisment to the Navy Seals. Been broke about 6 times in 5 years, never got anything repaired under warranty, always my fault. Saltsman's is the only repair center and they are a joke, I even had someone on the phone tell me ifI didn't like it go somewhere else. There is nowhere else! You cannot buy parts anywhere. I bought a broken one on E bay th use for parts. Mine was a... Read more

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I had purchased two watches from Amazon. Navy Seal 3000/3900 V3. The first watch bezel broke while surfing. Not diving but surfing. Saw moisture inside the glass face. Called Luminox and they told me it was extreme use/abuse. A 200M depth and above water sport is too abusive? What? Second watch the minute hand came loose after 6 months? Are you kidding me. This watch has barely been used. No wonder the SEAL's stopped wearing these. ... Read more

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Luminox - Review in Shopping category from Kansas City, Missouri
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I have had this watch for 3yrs. Got it for Christmas as a duty watch, because of their advertising. Since then it has been sent for repairs three times. Poor quality for the companys target group. Lense is cheap scratches very easily. Poor water resistance, since day one, always has fogged up with temperature changes, (mind you the company "does testing" after each repair for quality assurance). I am on band numer 3. First band they tried to... Read more

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Luminox - Made for the Special Forces? Lol yeah, right
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I have had two luminox watches in the past 4 years (that alone should be a red flag). The quality of the product is awful. How can the band on a $400 watch break twice in ONE DAY? I am a forester and do wear my watch in the field daily (I never actually take it off except now because the band is broken) and I think it isn't ridiculous for me to expect that the watchband should be able to last longer than two years. I have contacted customer... Read more

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This has been a problem since the watch was new. The luminous tubes fell off. My watchmaker said it was because it was a water based glue that held them in. Then the watch stopped again. The watchmaker said that the hands were magnetic and attracted to each other each time the second hand crossed over the minute hand or the minute hand crossed over the hour hand. This caused the watch to run slow. After a complete service by my master... Read more

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Girlfriend bought me a Lumi Nox watch for a birthday present. It worked for 6 days and stopped. Upon contacting the repair department we were told the company wasn't going to honor the warranty because she had bought it off EBAY. It was brand new in original packaging. They wouldn't fix unless she paid and paid plenty!! Got watch back and have been wearing for another 4 months and now the rotating ring with the numbers which surrounds the... Read more

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Had the misfortune of my battery dying in my Luminox watch. Had the Battery replaced and a new face put on by Saltzman about 18 months ago. When the watch began losing time this past March of 2016, dropped it off at Swartzchilds in Midlothian Va, who said it would be a $30 repair. Get a call within next day, and employee stated the watch showed signs of luminous material was lose (BS) and they would need to send it to Rhode Island to Saltzman... Read more

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